Two Feet Four Paws was founded in 2000 and we have been walking dogs ever since.  We remain committed to giving your companion the bestest walk ever.  We are ever mindful of the question "Whose walk is it?" and it's simple answer, "The dog's.". While safety comes first, prolonged sniffing is not particularly dangerous and is to be indulged.  Likewise, gamboling, friskiness and joi de vive are encouraged.    

We offer daily dog walks for your furry goof-ball. Rates below.

Weekday walks, 11:00am to 4pm:

20 minutes, 1 dog:  $14.00

                   2 dogs:  $16.00

Weekend, morning, evening and holiday walks add $3.00

Pretty basic, really. Walks can be scheduled for as many days as you need, be it Monday through Friday, a specific set of days or on an as needed basis.   If you would like a longer walk, add $7 for every additional 10 minutes you want.

We don't offer vacation care.  Sorry.



Boundaries.  Everyone has them.  Ours are Lake Michigan to the east, Dodge Ave. to the west, Colfax St. to the North (just before Central St.), and Oakton St. to the south.


E mail:

Phone or text:  847-687-7423