Two Feet Four Paws

Two Feet Four Paws was founded in 2000 and we have been walking dogs ever since.  We remain committed to giving your companion the bestest walk ever.  We are ever mindful of the question "Whose walk is it?" and the simple answer, "The dog's". While safety comes first, prolonged sniffing is not particularly dangerous and is to be indulged.  Likewise, gamboling, friskiness and joi de vive are encouraged.

A quick clarification:  when we say "we" we really mean "I" in that there is only me, Grant.  It's not an imperial we, mind you, rather it's a way of incorporating my company and myself into single entity.  Plus it just sounds better. 

I do this work because I love dogs and I love dogs because dogs are so great how can you not love them?  Even the dogs that are jerks. Sometimes especially the dogs that are jerks.   Happily, dogs seem genuinely fond of me as well, so it's a win-win.